We will meet with you—and any of your professional advisers—to explore your current financial situation and discuss what you are hoping to achieve.

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Financial Planning

We will meet with you – and any of your professional advisers – to explore your current financial situation and discuss what you are hoping to achieve. Although it is important to understand where you are now, it’s not all facts and figures. Financial planning is connected, in the end, to emotions; whether it’s the joy at buying a house, the satisfaction of retiring early or the peace that knowing your family will be financially stable if you were to die.

We value the emotional impact of what we are recommending as much as the financial outcomes for you. We love meeting your family so that they understand any complex planning we may have done for you involving trusts or taxation.

The planning we do has one main aim – to make your money last you as long as possible and give you the life you want.

We will build a model to give you a firm plan and understanding of how to achieve your objective. This is a two-way relationship, though. Together we make the plan and together we make sure you stay on track or adapt things if you can’t.


Whether you already have adequate capital to sustain your lifestyle or you are starting on the path towards being there, we will ensure that, wherever your money is, it is working hard to give you the route you are looking for.

We will identify and agree any gaps in your current financial provision and build an agreed strategy for you to follow.

You will soon know the steps you need to take to

– Have that dream holiday; buy that car
– Protect the lifestyle you have, no matter what life throws your way
– Retire on the income you need and when you want to
– Leave a legacy to your family

Estate Planning

It can take many years to create a successful and efficient financial plan, combining different investment and tax efficient strategies over time to create a portfolio that is flexible and accessible where needed. We work to allow your family to inherit as much of your wealth as possible without suffering unnecessary tax, while maintaining the control and access you may need for unexpected costs.

Where appropriate, we meet the family members impacted by this careful planning. The more they can be part of any planning, the easier it will be for the accumulated wealth to be used wisely and in a tax efficient manner. It also gives them peace of mind that plans are in place. With a company they know and understand and have a relationship with.

We work with generations of families to create their own financial strategy to allow them to control their own objectives.

Tax Planning

This is divided into two broad areas – taxes you can save on your earnings and taxes you can save your family when you pass away.

We will always do whatever we can to maximise the spending power of your savings and investments.

Planning around income, profits, capital gains and income tax.
We utilise current tax allowances to reduce or eradicate your income tax liability, manage your Capital Gains Tax and maximise the efficiency of tax -free savings available to you from previous tax years.

When you retire, we plan an income strategy looking at your entire portfolio that is as tax efficient as possible, allowing your funds to last longer. We will have built up a portfolio of flexible investments, including pension plans, that can be used during retirement to draw down on.

Planning for inheritance tax
Unique Wealth specialise in this area of planning and have worked with trustees and solicitors for many years to ensure the legal framework of any investment planning meets current law.

There are many ways to mitigate inheritance tax and the options can be confusing and, at times, misleading. This is an area we are very comfortable in and will be happy to talk about what you are trying to achieve so that we can work together to try and make it happen.


Financial Paraplanner


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Abi brings a cheerfulness to her role that keeps a smile on everyone’s face. She supports the advisers in their mortgage work and makes sure clients are kept up to date – buying a house is a stressful job and we try and make it as painless as possible. As well as this, Abi works alongside Laura in investment and pensions.

Head of Wealth Paraplanning

Laura Giles

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Laura has worked in a technical role for over 9 years and heads up the team here in analysing funds, calculating tax and working with clients to provide them with income strategies in retirement.

Office Manager

Kim Clarkson

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Kim has worked with Rhiannon from the start and provides day to day support to both clients and advisers – she is much valued and referred to as Nana Kim by the cheeky ones in the office. Kim has worked in the industry for over 30 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to the team.

Financial Planning Consultant

Matthew Hogan

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Matthew has been in the financial services for many years and has worked for companies such as Vitality, Fidelity International, Charles Stanley and Vanguard. His approach is to always put the client first and to really understand their needs and goals. Matt gives his clients a consistently high level of service.

Financial Planning Consultant
Senior Paraplanner

Liam Webb

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Liam has worked in the financial services industry since the age of 19 and has built up a strong knowledge base, starting his career as a technical paraplanner and now combines this role with advising clients. Liam’s understanding of the process from start to finish is invaluable in helping clients through all the steps of the investment and pension process.

Financial Planning Consultant

Josh Webb

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Josh has a passion for his work and brings energy to his meeting – a left over from his days as a semi-professional footballer and sports teacher. Josh looks after clients from the very start of their financial journey, from mortgages right through to investment and retirement planning.



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Rhiannon has worked in the wealth management arena for over 20 years and seen her clients through the numerous stock markets crashes and out the other side; she looks after families through the various generations and ensures that the investment and planning work can continue through the family as far as possible.